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Lesson 4 - Compare number sentences

Lesson 3 - Add and subtract worded problems

Plurals adding s and es Power Point (TWO)

Welcome to Friday and the last day of Week 7 Home Learning

Wishing you all a great half term holiday. We won't be setting any learning next week. 

Take care and keep safe and healthy.


Log into Phonics (March20    Home)

Click on Resources, Phase Five, Tricky word Trucks, Phase 5 All HFW.


Recap yesterdays Plurals powerpoint. 

Help your child make a shopping list. Look at words using plural es/s 




Education City - Subjects - Mathematics- KS1 Year 1

Activities - Number - Addition and Subtraction


Knights to See You - Missing number problems within 10

Prince Charming - Missing number problems within 20.

(Choose one or both these activities )



bbcbitesize R.E. Christianity

Watch the animation again of the story "God's gifts to people"

In the story the king wanted to do something for others. We need to appreciate things people do for us. Draw a picture of somebody you know doing something nice for you such as your Mum cooking your dinner or your Dad reading you a story. Give your finished picture to the person you have drawn to say thank you. 

Happy Thursday Everyone.

Thank you so much for the amazing Class Newstead collage with all your photos and messages. 




Summer Term - Week 4 (w/c 11th May)

Lesson - 4 Compare number sentences

(see links above)


Dictate the sentence ' I can build a big pyramid.'  and ' It is a mystery where my pencil is!' 

Let your child write the sentences on their own first then go through handwriting and spelling together. Make mistakes for your child to correct. 


Click on plurals adding s and es power point 2 link above. After looking at the Power Point together give your child some nouns to change to plural. 



bbcbitesize Science

What do plants need to grow?

Where do plants grow best?

 Watch the clips and then do the quiz - Where do plants grow best?    

                                               Happy Wednesday!


Lesson 3 - Add and subtract worded problems

(See links above)


Log into (Home    March20) 

Click on Resources, Cheeky Chimps, Click Y and support your child to play the game. 


Click on the link above 'Plurals powerpoint. ' Then play 'Planetary Plurals' on

Mental Health Awareness Week 5 Day Challenge


Happy Tuesday!



Lesson 2 - Subtract within 20 (see link above)


Practice singing the tricky word song. (See link above) Ask your child to make up sentences using yesterdays words.  

Look at yesterdays writing (letter to the queen) How can your child improve their writing? Punctuation? Handwriting? Spelling? Work with your child to help them copy up their letter in best making any improvements needed. 


Revist yesterday's video about Queen Victoria. What can your child tell you about Queen Victoria? Click on the link above and complete a fact page about Queen Victoria. 





Welcome to Week 7 of Home learning.


Explain that we have learnt that the grapheme (letter) y can make the /y/ sound /ee/ sound and /igh/ sound. Today we are going to look at words where the y grapheme makes the /i/ sound. 

Blend to read these words together. 

gym     crystal    cygnet

Now segment these words out loud with your child and ask your child to spell the words using the letter y for the i sound.

mystery     pyramid  


Write a letter to the Queen. Think about what you would like to know? What would you like to tell her about yourself? 


Who is Queen Victoria? Click on the link above to watch a video about her. How does she compare to our Queen today and Queen Elizabeth I? 



White Rose have changed their format. All of the resources are what you have been using but are arranged slightly differently. If you have any problems accessing them please let me know.  Many thanks Mrs Graham.


Summer Term - Week 4 (w/c 11th May)