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Wednesday 6th May 2020

Wednesday 6th May 2020


Good morning all and I hope you enjoyed the home learning yesterday.

SPaG - Take a look at the SPaG mat questions below. The questions are a combination of Year 3 and 4 focuses. I have included a link to the answers below the mat. Remember that I'm contactable by email if you need any further assistance. 

English - Thank you for your very persuasive letters regarding playtime. You have shown many great writing skills and used the downloadable mat to good effect.


Today, I would like you to decide whether you think Zoos are a good or a bad idea. Once you have decided this, I would like you to plan a piece of writing (which you will complete tomorrow) to express this decision and try and persuade the reader to join your point of view. I have included a planning sheet (below) for you to complete today in readiness for your writing your piece in more detail tomorrow.

Maths - Today's maths focus is the opposite of multiplication...that's correct it's division.

Art -  I have combined art and our current geography learning together - and I'm really going to miss doing this activity practically with you as I do enjoy it.


There are several stages to work through in order to get to the completed piece so it will take some time to complete.

I have included a link below to help you with the different stages. In addition to the model shown in the link - I would like yours to include a little more detail, such as, capital city, highest mountains, major rivers, mountain ranges, tropic lines and or equator, etc.