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Week 8 Monday 1st June - Friday 5th June

            LEARNING FROM HOME - MONDAY 1st June


Good morning Class Rufford. I hope you had a great half term. The weather was amazing, wasn’t it? It’s back to school now though. Only eight weeks until the summer holidays so let’s make them all count, while still spending time outside and making the most of the sunshine.

Did you get someone to test you on your last set of stat spellings before half term? Here are your new ones.


So on to today's tasks:


Task 1 -

I think lots of you really enjoyed the Tempest, when we watched that. It’s one of my favourites so our next focus is another of my favourites. I think some of your parents will remember this (but lots of them are younger than me so they won’t). It was a cartoon called Jamie And The Magic Torch. This is just the opening sequence but if you want to watch an episode, there are some on YouTube (I’ll put the YouTube link at the bottom of the task). It will seem very old fashioned to you, but the 1980’s we loved it. Use the link to go to the Literacy Shed website and then scroll down until you find Jamie And The Magic Torch. It’s the fifth video down.

In each episode Jamie went down the slide, through a hole in his bedroom floor, and went to a different world. We will get on the other worlds later on in the week. For now, I want you to choose one of the settings from the introduction. There’s the street, the bedroom or the world at the bottom of the slide. Write a description of the setting. Think about what you would see, hear, feel, smell and taste.

Use lots of adjectives and try to use your words cleverly to say what you want to say, without saying it.

Instead of saying, it’s dark. You could say, the only light came from the moon.

Instead of saying, the room is messy. You could say, clothes and toys are scattered all over the floor.



Here is the YouTube link to the episodes

Remember to stay cyber safe when using YouTube.


Task 2 - We are going to carry on learning about fractions this week. Then we will go on to something new next week. The learning was getting quite tricky before half term so you might need to spend five minutes recapping what you learned before you move on to today's lesson which is about comparing and ordering unit fractions. The sound isn't great at points during this video but you can definitely tell what Mr Etherton says so listen hard.


Task 3 – It’s MoneySense Monday so here is the link to today’s lesson. It’s about how money can affect our feelings.


Optional Task - 


              LEARNING FROM HOME - TUESDAY 2nd June


Good morning Class Rufford. So I looked at the Rockstars leaderboard yesterday and saw that only four people had been on in the last week!!! I was a bit upset at first then I decided that as it was half term and the weather was so nice, I should give you a break. Well done to Ryder, Abbie, Roman and Hugo though, as you guys went on. Our Class Challenge this week is for everyone to go on and earn at least 500 points. I wonder if we will have three new leaders.


Today's tasks:


Task 1 – So how did you like Jamie And The Magic Torch? Do you think I'm mad for liking it so much? :-)

If you want to, watch the intro again. You don’t have to watch it for today’s task though.

Today you are going to get really creative. You are going to create a world for Jamie to visit. I want you to draw a plan of the world, a bit like a map and label the different parts. It could be a fairground land, desert island land, chocolate land, cloud land, under the sea land, football land, puppy land … The list is endless. Your plan is going to help you with Thursday's task, so take your time and put lots of thought and detail into it. Remember to include the slide that comes from Jamie's bedroom. 


Task 2 – This is the first lesson on Finding Equivalent Fractions (remember – equivalent is a fancy word for the same). It starts pretty easy today and some of you might not find it too challenging. But stick with it, because Thursday’s lesson will develop your learning further.

See if you spot the mistake just after 6 minutes!


Task 3 – Today we will learn a bit about the internet. Watch the videos and then take a look at the Twinkl tasks. You don’t actually need to print the sheets off to complete the tasks. You could do them in your book. For the second activity sheet (Digital Footprint) you could draw round your own foot.


Optional Task - Do something physical. I put some new ideas into the Stay Active subpage yesterday. There are some athletics activities in there that look really good. The weather forecast isn't so good after today so make the most of being outside. 






It's Well Being Wednesday so there are no learning tasks today. You need to go to the Well Being Wednesday sub-page in the Class Pages section of the website to find out what to do today.





Morning Class Rufford. Did you all enjoy our first Well Being Wednesday? I hope you feel fully charged and ready to get back to our learning. 


Today's tasks:


Task 1 – We are going to use the lands we created on Tuesday to write a story. You can write it about Jamie or about yourself. Use one of the openers below and make sure you include everything on the check-list. I have put some mats below to help you. If you watch some episodes of Jamie And The Magic Torch, they will give you some ideas for your story. 


Here is the YouTube link to the episodes

Remember to stay cyber safe when using YouTube.


As always, when we write a story, you have two days to complete the task. Remember, I am expecting you to edit and improve your writing too. Can you include any of the new (or old) stat spellings?


Opener one – I slid quickly down the smooth, curved slide and landed with a bit of a bump at the bottom. I looked around me, with wide eyes. Wow!!! This was going to be one amazing adventure…


Opener two – Jamie slid quickly down the smooth, curved slide and landed with a bit of a bump at the bottom. He looked around him, with wide eyes. Wow!!! This was going to be one amazing adventure…



Task 2 – Today we are continuing to learn about equivalent fractions. This lesson will take your learning a little bit further forward from where you were on Tuesday. You need to have completed Tuesday’s lesson before you do this one. So go back and do that one if you haven’t yet.



The link you need for the second lesson on equivalent fractions is this one


Task 3 – Our science topic this half term would have been Light & Shadows, so we are going to try to learn as much as we can, even though we aren’t at school. Let’s start by learning about what light is.


Optional Task - Your optional task for today is to do anything you want to that's good for your mental well being (as long as your parents agree). You might read, watch a bit of TV, play a game, go for a walk ...






It's Friday already!!!! I'm really looking forward to seeing you all on Zoom today. We will be doing a short quiz. I thought that might be quite good fun. Make sure you've got a pen and paper with you when you join the call at 10am. 


Today's tasks:


Task 1 – Complete your story. Remember to take some time to edit and improve it. No-one does their best writing first time.  Use the word mats that I put up yesterday.


Task 2 – Now you are all fantastic at recognising equivalent fractions, we are going to move on to adding fractions. This is pretty easy, IF you listen to what Ms Brinksworth teaches you. You have to remember to leave the denominator alone though!!! Enjoy.


Task 3 – Today is World Environment Day. This website gives you seven eco-friendly ideas for activities that you can do. Give one of them a try.


For a donation of £5, you can get a Friends of the Earth Planet Protectors Pack. It contains some bee friendly seeds, an activity book and stickers amongst other things. Not everyone will want to do this, but if you do the link is below.


Optional Task - There is no Optional Task today because hopefully you will all join us on our Zoom call at 10am. 


Have a great weekend :-) 


Will we have new TT Rockstar leaders on Monday morning?