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Home Learning Week 3

The Queen's Knickers


Well done everyone we have got to the end of the first week of the Summer Term. Hope you have been making the most of the amazing sunny weather. 


Revise words learned this week which us ch to make the /k/ sound. Rainbow write (trace over with different colours) You can practice spelling these words too.

Type in the Queen's Knickers into google- videos. Choose a version to listen to. Talk to your child about the story setting, beginning, middle and end, characters and whether or not they enjoyed the story. 




The initial problems with logging onto Education City have hopefully been resolved. The children have now got their own log in. Go to Subjects - Mathematics - KS1 Year 1 - Activities. When you click on a particular activity go to Students - Newstead and find your child's name.

You might like to go on Pitcher Framed to revise Capacity and Counting in Stens to count in 10's to 100.


Log onto White Rose Maths Home Learning whiterosemaths/homelearning/year-1


Week 2 - Lesson 5 - Make arrays

Flashback 4

Listen to the lesson and then go to the activity sheet. 

Make your own array. How many rows are there? How many columns are there?



The Story of the Good Samaritan

You may have this story in a Bible story book at home but if not go to

Click on Religious Education, then on Christianity

scroll down to the Parable of the Good Samaritan

Listen to the story and then draw a picture from the story and write a sentence about what is happening in your picture.   


Happy Thursday enjoy the sunshine again its going to be warm today!



Go onto the phonics play website. log in using the username : march20        Password: home    (This means you can access extra resources for free)

Click on Resources then 'Tricky word trucks', Phase Five all HFW (If this is too tricky try phase 4)

Can your child put any of these words into sentences? 

Click on the link 'The Queen's Knickers' Look at the front cover together. Discuss the questions verbally or write your answers in sentences. 



Log into White Rose Maths Home Learning whiterosemaths/homelearning/year-1


Week 2 - Lesson 4 - Add equal groups


Flashback 4

Listen to the lesson, then do the activity.

Can you make equal groups using objects from around your house? 

How many are there altogether? Can you find a quick way of working out how many? 




In Science we have been finding out about plants. Go for a walk around your garden, how many garden plants can you spot? Can you name any of them? You may need the help of an adult. Or you can google plants on Google images and select a picture to draw. 

Look at the different shapes and sizes of the leaves and petals.

Choose one plant in your garden to draw. You might want to take a photo so you can draw your plant inside or make the most of the sunny weather and enjoy drawing outside. 

Take your time to look at the shape of the leaves, the length of the stem, the shape and colour of the petals. Are the petals all the same colour or do they have different coloured patterns? Try to copy your plant as carefully as you can and then colour it in. You might like to draw more than one plant. 

Queen Elizabeth Fact page



We hope that you've managed to enjoy the sunshine today! Don't forget to check in with either of us each week. 



Google -Phonics digraphs phase three phonics Epic phonics and watch short video on you tube to recap previously taught grapheme/phonemes Then turn the sound off and ask your child to say the sounds. 


Recap words you looked at in the videos on Monday and Tuesday. Can you take it in turns to make up verbal sentences. Write a selection of these words on pieces of paper. Stick the up around the garden or house for your child to find, blend to read and put into sentences. 


Over the next couple of days we would like you to create a fact page all About our Queen. Use your research to write sentences and draw pictures. What can you teach us about the Queen? Can you add headings to your fact page? I have attached a link which gives you some ideas. 


 So sorry if you had issues getting onto Education City. It should have been possible to access the activities by clicking on Subjects and then Mathematics then KS1 Year1 Activities without needing a login and password as we are not tracking the children's progress. This was just an extra resource to reinforce learning. 


  Log into White Rose Maths home learning

  Week 2 - Lesson 3 - Make equal groups

   Flashback 4

   Listen to the lesson and then do the activity sheet. For question 5 use objects from round your house to   

   make the groups.    


Happy Tuesday everyone.

Sorry if you had difficulty getting on to the White Rose Maths site. There were problems due to high demand but if you go out and then try again you should be successful. 



Log on to White Rose Maths Home Learning Year 1.

Week 2 Lesson 2 - Count in 10's

Flashback 4

Listen to the lesson then do Activity sheet.

Can you make groups of 10 using equipment you can find?  (felt pens, buttons, lego bricks etc...)

How many groups of 10 can you make? 

How many objects altogether? 


If you log onto Education City (the log in is on our front page) you can go onto Mathematics KS1 Year 1 Activities. Revise Capacity with Pitcher Framed and Pitcher Perfect

Then try Counting in Stens (Counting in 10's to 100)



English /Topic


Google Geraldine the Giraffe learns ch as the k sound and watch the video together. Create a table together. Ch making /ch/ on one side and ch making /k/ on the other side. Ask your child to segment to spell words in each column. E.g. church      chris


research information about our queen by asking parents, maybe grandparents on video calls, looking in books or the internet. 

Write some bullet point facts or information you have learnt about our queen. 



Tomorrow is 'Earth Day' Clink on the link for the Earth Day Powerpoint.

Click on the link above'Recycling in the home worksheet'. from Twinkl and complete the activity. 











Welcome back after the Easter holiday. We hope you all had a good holiday and enjoyed the lovely sunny 

  weather and doing some of the Easter activities we put up for you to try. 




  Log into White Rose Maths Home Learning Year 1.

  Week 2 (not Summer Term )  If you didn't complete Week 1 before Easter you can still access it. 

  Lesson 1 - Compare capacity

  Flashback 4 (pause so you can write down the answers before they are given)

  Listen to the lesson on capacity, then do the activity sheet. Print out if possible or write/draw your

  answers in your book. 

  When you have completed the sheet, try comparing the capacity of containers in your home. 

  You may be able to do this activity outside if the weather is sunny. 

  How many cups of water will fill a small saucepan?

  How many cups of water will fill a large jug?

  Which container has the greatest capacity? 

  (You can use different containers)


  How many cups of water will fill a large glass?

  How many cups of water will fill a large bowl?

  Which container has the smallest capacity?  




Google Mr Thorne Does Phonics ch making k and watch the video together. (Apologies as it's quite festive!?) Ask your child to make a list of the words from the video. 'Sausage and peas' the graphemes. (underline digraphs and dot the single sounds) 

Write a sentence using one or more of your words. 


Our new topic is 'The Royals'  Work with your child to think of research questions. (Things they want to find out about this topic.) Ask your child 'What do you already know about the royals?' 'What do you think royal means?'


Make a list of things you already know and things you want to find out.