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Monday 4th May 2020

May the force be with you - Monday May 4th 2020


Good morning Class Sherwood I hope that you are all well and have had an enjoyable weekend. I will hopefully get to see/hear some of you today at 12:10 via the Zoom link sent via Parent Mail this morning.

Spellings - Practise your new spelling in the most effective way for you and then navigate through either the ppt or pdf files to learn more about your specific spelling suffix - ate.

The downloadable document below contains 8 different persuasive texts focusing on zoos. Take your time and have a read through. You may want to read a few now and a few later (it's obviously up to you).

Now you have read through the different persuasive texts, what are the main features used to try and persuade your way of thinking? Make a list of the different features you noticed? Which text do you think was the most persuasive and why?
Learn a little more about persuasive writing by navigating through either the ppt. or pdf, file below.

Maths - Our Maths lessons will be organised a little differently to the last two weeks but will feature all of the same learning material.


Each lesson will start with a Flashback 4 as a picture with a link below to the answers. After this, use the White Rose Learning Link to access the teaching video as normal and the subsequent downloadable question and answer documents.

Science - This is your second lesson in the series. If you have not completed the first lesson you can find it in Week 4 Monday 27th April (the link below will take you to the appropriate page).


Navigate through either the ppt or pdf files below, they both contain the same information. 

The following three links are your downloadable documents for you to complete the different activities within the above presentation.
I have included a Learning Link to the BBC site - watch the three videos shown below to consolidate today's learning.