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Task 2

Watch the video below which is called 'Girl and Robot.'


Still image for this video

A brief overview of the video -


The young girl inventor builds a steam powered robot but has trouble getting it started.  After turning up her power source too high the machine explodes, spraying cranks, pistons and sprockets around the room.

There is a surprising and touching ending as we discover that the robot is alive and has saved our heroine from a falling girder. 

Choose any of the writing tasks below:


  • Design your own robot/robots and label with descriptions. 
  • Create a story which goes beyond the video. The video might only be part of the wider story.
  • Create a set of diary pages for the inventor, charting her successes and failures over a week.  Perhaps using language to show her frustration.  
  • What happens next?  Maybe the mind of the robot has been saved from destruction and she uses this within a new design (thank you Leo).
  • Write instructions for building a robot.


Below are a few useful tools to help you with your writing. Please send me some pictures of your writing.

Scott's writing

Poppy's writing

Leo's writing

Leo decided to update his writing - wow - check it out

Tom's Robot

Tyler's robot