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Wednesday 27th January





Spelling: Choose one of the spelling challenges and practise your 'graph' words.


Maths: Start with some Daily 10 practice - you can choose what you want to work on.


If you need a little bit of extra guidance with the division method, there is a nice short video here that you can watch about the 'bus stop' method.

Don't worry - it can take time for us to understand and master these methods.


If you are getting a little bit confused with all the place value grids and charts, just answer from question 3 onwards on these worksheets (as ever, just do what you can):


English: I know that a lot of you will still be working on your newspaper report. 

For those that have finished, you can have a go at this BBC lesson on relative clauses.


Geography: Our next Fieldwork lesson teaches us to read 4 and 6 figure grid references. I know that some of you can do this, so it will be a good recap for you.