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Update from  December 2022



Whilst these are no longer required, staff, parents, children and visitors are welcome to wear them if they require. Parents are now welcome to attend events in school.



Routine testing is no longer advised for staff or children. 



From 24/02/22, the law changed and it is no longer a legal obligation to isolate for Covid.

Following public health advice, if children are unwell they should remain at home, especially if they have a high temperature. If children do test positive for coronavirus, or you suspect they have coronavirus, please keep them at home for at least 3 days after symptoms began and until they are well. 

For Strep A infections such as Scarlet Fever, children are expected to stay at home for 5 days, or for 24 hours after a course of antibiotics have begun.

For schools, this places COVID and Scarlet fever/Strep A on the same level as the current policy in place for when children have other infectious or potentially infectious illnesses – such as Chicken Pox or vomiting/diarrhoea. These require children to be clear of symptoms for a fixed period of time before returning to school (for example, for vomiting/diarrhoea this is 48hours clear).


Remote Learning Plan Sept 2021

Remote Learning Policy

Our home/school agreement for the Covid-19 pandemic