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Thoresby's Members of School Parliament

Thoresby's Members of School Parliament 1

Teacher - Mrs Kelly Hally

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Mandy Davey / Mrs Karen Somerville

PPA Teacher - Mrs Lindsay Baker 

Topic - Ancient Greece

Class story- Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Our class target is come in and settle down quickly in the morning

Our class target is come in and settle down quickly in the morning 1

Times Tables Challenge Champions


2x table -  Zak & Henry (10 seconds) 

3x table -  Zak (6 seconds)

4x table - 

5x table - Zak (9 seconds)

6x table -  

7x table - 

8x table - 

9x table - 

10x table - Zak (6 seconds)  

11x table - 

12x table - 




We will be been reminding ourselves how to stay safe on the Internet. One way is using child-friendly search engines. These are links to two of them ...

Remember, you still need to keep yourself safe and if you accidentally browse a page, that is inappropriate, press the back button and tell a parent.

This is the link for the Hector safety button. You must ask an adult to download this for you.



Parent's Info Section

Parent's Info Section 1

Dates for the diary:

Tuesday 19th December - afternoon performance of The Lemonade Kid @ 2pm

Wednesday 20th December - evening performance of The Lemonade Kid @ 6pm

Thursday 21st December - Christmas parties (pm) Help needed please

Friday 22nd December - Carol Service @ 9:30am

Parent Info Presentation

Statutory Spelling Lists

Key Assessment Criteria - Writing

Key Instant Recall Facts - Maths

Home Learning Expectations

Drugs Education Scheme Overview

This week's spellings:

possible, possibly, terrible, terribly, visible, visibly, incredible, incredibly, sensible, sensibly

(in case Organisers are being left in trays!!!)