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Thoresby's Members of School Parliament

Thoresby's Members of School Parliament 1

Teacher - Mrs Kelly Hally

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Mandy Davey / Mrs Karen Somerville

PPA Teacher - Mrs Lindsay Baker 

Topic - Where in the World is Nottingham?

Class story- The Butterfly Lion

Our class target is come in and settle down quickly in the morning

Our class target is come in and settle down quickly in the morning 1

Times Tables Challenge Champions


2x table -  Zak & Henry (10 seconds) 

3x table -  Zak (6 seconds)

4x table - Zak (7 seconds)

5x table - Zak (9 seconds)

6x table -  

7x table - 

8x table - 

9x table - 

10x table - Zak (6 seconds)  

11x table - 

12x table - 




We will be been reminding ourselves how to stay safe on the Internet. One way is using child-friendly search engines. These are links to two of them ...

Remember, you still need to keep yourself safe and if you accidentally browse a page, that is inappropriate, press the back button and tell a parent.

This is the link for the Hector safety button. You must ask an adult to download this for you.



Parent's Info Section

Parent's Info Section 1

Dates for the diary:


Parent Info Presentation

Statutory Spelling Lists

Key Assessment Criteria - Writing

Key Instant Recall Facts - Maths

Home Learning Expectations

Drugs Education Scheme Overview


This week's spellings: 

beneficial, commercial, crucial, financial, official, special, controversial, confidential, essential, initial, torrential,



Last week's spellings:

survival, mammal, general, social, artificial, partial, influential, annual, gradual, unusual