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Welcome to Class Sherwood



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Take care of your new school council badges.



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Class Teacher: Mr. Gillett

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Somerville


Topic: Rainforests




The new focus for English is based around Myths and Legends culminating in our class writing their own versions.



A major focus over this term is fractions. Matched to this theme our this half term's 'Key Instant Recall Facts' which are in the home learning books. 



Our science has so far focused on Physics and Chemistry strands. We are now moving to focus on Biology. Specifically, the digestive systems in humans, types and functions of teeth and food chains.



The title for this half terms RE is 'The journey of life and death.'

Why do some people think life is like a journey? Where do we go? What do different people think about life after death?


A reminder that water bottles can be left in the classroom.


Remember to keep reading at home, learning your times tables, key instant recall facts and your statutory and weekly spellings.


We have been reminding ourselves how to stay safe on the Internet. One way, that we have talked about, is using child-friendly search engines. These are links to two of them ...

Remember, you still need to keep yourself safe and if you accidentally browse a page, that is inappropriate, press the back button and tell a parent.

This is the link for the Hector safety button. You must ask an adult to download this for you.