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Welcome to Class Newstead

                                                                                                       Welcome to Class Newstead 1





Welcome to Class Newstead

The teachers in Class Newstead are Mrs Radford and Mrs Graham.

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Davis.


School parliament members are;





Don't forget to make sure you have your water bottle in school every day. Please bring your reading book and organiser to school every day and your Target words on Thursday.

You will need your P.E. Kit on Tuesday and Thursday and your wellies for Forest school on Wednesday.



This is a quick overview of our learning for the next few weeks;



Our Topic for this half term is Houses and Homes




If you have any questions, thoughts or resources you would like to share please do come in and see us.

Thank you for your continued support.









Our Maths learning over the next few weeks will focus on Place Value. The children will be sorting and counting objects. They will count, read and write numbers forwards and backwards from any number 0 to 10 in numerals and words. They find one more, one less and compare groups using language such as equal, more/greater, less/fewer and be introduced to the symbols < and >. We will look at ordinal numbers and using the number line.




We will be carrying out a year long experiment, observing Seasonal changes on trees.



This half term we will be finding out about Materials.

We will be identifying and naming everyday materials. We will describe and compare the physical properties of a variety of everyday materials and carry out simple scientific tests to find the most suitable material for a particular purpose.  


Why don't you visit bbc bitesize ks1 science properties of materials Desert Island Materials and find out what you know about materials by working through the levels.



Dates for your diary:

Wednesday 6th September - New Term begins

Friday 29th September - Harvest Festival Service at All Hallows Church

Monday 6th November - Inset day

Tuesday 14th November 3.30pm - 5.30pm - Parent's Evening

Wednesday 15th November 5pm - 7pm - Parent's Evening

(Please also see the diary page on our website)


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