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Welcome to Class Newstead

                                                                                                       Welcome to Class Newstead 1





Welcome to Class Newstead

The teachers in Class Newstead are Mrs Radford and Mrs Graham.

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Davis.


School parliament members are;


Arianna Sleaford

Hugo Whiteley

Myles Whiteley



Don't forget to make sure you have your water bottle in school every day. Please bring your reading book and organiser to school every day and your Target words on Thursday.

You will need your P.E. Kit on Tuesday and Thursday and your wellies for Forest school on Wednesday.



This is a quick overview of our learning for the next few weeks;



Our Topic for this half term is Great Explorers (Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus)





If you have any questions, thoughts or resources you would like to share please do come in and see us.

Thank you for your continued support.



In English we are reading the story 'Don't let the pigeon stay up too late'. We are learning about story structure, good sentences as well as learning how to write instructions. 

 'Daily readers' has been working really well! By giving the children a reading day we are able to assess their reading each week. (Teacher/T.A) Thank you to all the parents who have listened to children read in addition to this. It makes a real difference. 

If you listen to your child read at home please write a comment in their organiser. (At least three times a week please)

Thank you for supporting your child with their target words each week. Don't forget to ask your child to put their words into sentences on the back.  (Little and often is the key!) 


Great App!!!!

'Teach your monster to read' is a fantastic app to download onto your phone or tablet. 




Our Maths learning over the next few weeks will focus on Addition & Subtraction within 20.

We will be reading, writing and interpreting mathematical statements involving addition (+), subtraction (-) and equals (=) signs. Adding and subtracting one digit numbers to 20, including zero and solving one step problems that involve addition and subtraction, using concrete objects and pictorial representations and missing number problems. 

The children have been learning number bonds to make 10 to help them with addition and subtraction calculations and knowing these bonds will help in learning bonds to 20. Key Instant Recall Facts will be sent home the first week back after half term. Please can you help your child learn doubles and halves of numbers to 10. The aim is for them to recall these facts instantly. The secret to success is practising little and often. You can play "Ping Pong" and go to and see how many questions you can answer in just 90 seconds. 





We will be carrying out a year long experiment, observing Seasonal changes on trees.



This half term we will be continuing to finding out about Animals, including Humans.

We will be identifying and describing the basic body parts of animals. We will also be identifying the basic body parts of the human body and identifying our senses and the part of the body associated with each sense. We will be using our five senses to work scientifically to solve problems.


Visit bbc bitesize KS1 Science Human body

What are the parts of the human body?

What are the senses?




Dates for your diary:

Monday 8th January 2018 - Start of Spring Term

Tuesday 9th January - Playhouse theatre in school - Town mouse and Country mouse

Wednesday 31st January - Kinetic theatre in school

Friday 9th February - P.T.A. Quiz evening 7pm.

Friday 16th February - Inset Day (start of half term holiday)

Monday 26th February - Start of new half term

Monday 5th March - Friday 9th March - Science week

Tuesday 13th March - Parent's evening 5pm

Wednesday 14th March - Parent's evening 3.30pm

Thursday 29th March - Easter Service at All Hallows Church 9.30am. End of Term


(Please also see the diary page on our website)


Do you have any ideas for this page? Please let us know. Thank you.


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Thank you to everyone who has handed in their half term home learning! They're amazing!

Thank you to everyone who has handed in their half term home learning! They're amazing!  1

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