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Wk Beg' 24th Jan

Please find this weeks Home Learning below. 


In Maths we are finishing our Money Unit. We are exploring two step word problems further and recapping finding the difference/giving change. Please don't forget to use TT Rockstars for timestable revision. 

All white rose links can be find below :) 



In English this week we are looking at poetry. 

  • What do they know about poems already? Do you like the poem? What do you notice about the style?

  • Watch the video by following the link attached. Listen to this performance of the poem ‘There’s a Monster in the Garden.’ What do we notice about the way it is performed? What makes her performance good?

  • Can you use any tips from watching the video to perform the poem 'It's behind you.'

  • Identify question marks and exclamation marks in the poem. Highlight in the text.  Read the poem, using the exclamation marks and capital letters as a guide to where to really stress lines and/or words.

  • What do you think the monster in the poem would actually have looked like? Draw your idea of the monster in It's Behind You!  Describe your monster using full, accurately punctuated sentences.  Include two exclamation marks and two capitalised words for emphasis in your writing. E.g. A really ENORMOUS pair of fangs!

  • Edit and improve writing. Write description up in best presentation making improvements.