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Wk Beg' 17th Jan

In SPAG we are learning about the suffix y. Change nouns into adjectives by adding y. E.g. cloud-cloudy  rain-rainy

Look at nouns ending in e. (RULE- Take off the e and add a y) E.g.  shine-shiny  Noise-noisy 

Look at nouns with a short vowel sound before a consonant. (RULE-Double the consonant and add a y) E.g.  Sun-sunny    Mud-muddy


Investigate the spelling of these words using the rules. Can your child put these into sentences? 


In English we are retelling the story of the Gruffalo changing the Gruffalo and mouse character.


We are looking for extended sentences, beginning, middle and end, finger spaces and use of adverbs in our sentences. 

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Don't forget to continue reading at home. Sharing stories with a family member and answering questions about a book is wonderful too!