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Metaphor Poems

The Sea by James Reeves


 The sea is a hungry dog,

Giant and grey.

He rolls on the beach all day.

With his clashing teeth and shaggy jaws

Hour upon hour he gnaws

The rumbling, tumbling stones,

And 'Bones, bones, bones, bones!'

The giant sea-dog moans,

Licking his greasy paws.



The River by Class Wollaton


The river is a winding snake,

Flexible and strong.

He weaves all day long.

With his flickering tongue and rippling scales

Hour upon hour he prevails

As he moves closer to the sea

Feeling free, free, free, free!

The powerful river-snake flees,

Flicking his pointed tail.



The River by India, Finley, Tate, Shemayah & Evelyn


The river is a playful sea lion,

Joyful and happy.

He glides through the Earth.

With his foamy saliva and cheerful twists and turns

Hour upon hour he swirls

As he moves closer to the sea,

Feeling glee, glee, glee!

The graceful sea lion flees,

Flapping his wispy tail.



The River by Sebastian, Milo, Archie, Leo & Leo


The river is a gliding otter,

Strong and undulating.

He spends the day rock riding.

With his webbed feet and wispy whiskers

Hour upon hour he whispers

The turning twisting ways,

As it plays, plays, plays!

The docile river otter waves,

As it winds along and whimpers.



The River by Poppy, Alex, Evie B, Scarlet, Tom & Eva


The river is a playful seal,

Rough and white.

He dives in the dead of night.

With his reflective eyes and flapping fins

Hour upon hour he wins

The roaring race to the sea

Feeling free, free, free, free!

The energetic river-seal flees,

Slapping his powerful tail.



The River Freddy, Kemi, Violet, Tyler, Autumn & Ed


The river is a soaring eagle,

Mighty and strong.

He hunts all day long.

With a sword like beak

Hour upon hour he seeks

The rough tough stones 

And swoops, swoops, swoops, swoops! 

The huge golden eagle loops,

Sharpening his talons.



The River by Marley, Jacob, Louie, Josh, Lily & Evie T


The river is a roaring bear,

Aggressive and strong.

She pounces all day long.

With her reflective eyes and powerful claws

Hour upon hour she gnaws 

As she moves closer to the wood

Picking up mud, mud, mud, mud!

The destructive river bear thuds,

Sharpening her razor like claws.