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Governor training

 Governor Training 2019 - 2020


Governor Training relevant to the role of Governor in a Primary School
Frank Knowles Governors Conference
Sarah Lee  
Matt Doig  
Emily Galloway Safe guarding
John Tattersfield Head teachers appraisal
Jennifer Thomas   
Lucy Peck Health and safety 
Micheal Johnson   
Abayomi Anifowose Induction training


All Governors have completed Prevent within the 2019 - 2020 cycle.




Training relevant to the role of Governor undertaken in 2017 - 18

Frank Knowles

R.E Curriculum and promoting British Values.

Understanding finance for governors.

Stonewall training

Governor  conference

Jennifer Thomas

Governor induction training.

Stonewall Training

Di Griffin

Governors conference

Margaret Hicking

Stonewall training

Purpose of church school education course.

Sarah Lee

Training around safeguarding: Prevent, FGM, Forced marriage and honour base violence, Cyber-bulling and online safety, CSE and sexting; Data Protection and Protecting People’s Information; Transgender Awareness; Tackling HBT bullying; Equality and Diversity; Deaf Awareness; Learning Disability Awareness; Awareness of autism; Ann Frank Trust training.

Carol Purchase

Appraisal training.

Belinda Clark

New S.E.N.D policy training from L.A

R.E curriculum and promoting British Values.

E-safety and Cyber-bullying.

FGM training

Safer recruitment online training.

Head teachers briefings run by L.A

Understanding Finance for Governors

Michael Johnson

Purpose of church school education