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Welcome to our Governors page. We are a dedicated and enthusiastic group of volunteers who are committed to supporting and challenging our school, in order to ensure that all of our children receive the best possible learning experience. We are all very proud of our children and staff, and recognise their incredible work. No matter how amazing a school is, there are always development area, and it is our role to ensure that our School Improvement Plan represents these areas, and that we continue to move forward.


Our governing body is currently made up of a combination of parent governors, staff governors, Foundation governors, authority governors and co-opted governors:


Parent governors - Carol Purchase, Rebecca Hyder, Jennifer Thomas.

Foundation governors - John Tattersfield, Margaret Hicking and 1 vacancy.

Staff governors - Karen Hollingworth, John Graham.

Authority governors - Jack Tweed.

Co-opted governors - Frank Knowles (Chair), Sarah Lee (Vice Chair), Lucy Peck, Zuri Djan, Diane Griffin, Belinda Clark.


The full governing body meets once a term. The agenda and minutes are displayed on the governor notice board at the end of the main corridor. There are currently two sub committees (Education, Welfare and Personnel committee and Finance and General Purposes committee) which meet when needed. A copy of our full minutes are also attached to this page.


Picture 1 Carol Purchase (Parent Governor)
Picture 2 Jack Tweed (Authority Governor)
Picture 3 Zuri Djan (Co-opted Governor)
Picture 4 Sarah Lee (Vice Chair/Co-opted Governor)
Picture 5 Frank Knowles (Chair/Co-opted Governor)
Picture 6 Diane Griffin (Co-opted Governor)
Picture 7 Karen Hollingworth (Staff Governor)
Picture 8 Belinda Clark (Co-opted Governor)
Picture 9 Becky Hyder (Parent Governor)
Picture 10 John Tattersfield (Foundation Governor)
Picture 11 Lucy Peck (Co-opted Governor)

Governor Structure 2016 - 2017


Name Category Appointed On End of Term of Office Other Roles Business Interests

John Graham




All committees

Karen Hollingworth Staff 11/03/13 10/03/17 All committees None
Sarah Lee Co-opted 01/09/15 31/08/19 Vice Chair/All committees None
Rebecca Hyder Parent 01/09/15 31/08/19 All committees None
Belinda Clark Co-opted 01/09/15 31/08/19 All committees None
Lucy Peck Co-opted 01/09/15 31/08/19 All committees None
Zuri Djan Co-opted 01/09/15 31/08/19 All committees None
Diane Griffin Co-opted 01/09/15 31/08/19 All committees None
Margaret Hicking Foundation 28/09/16 27/09/20 All committees None
Carol Purchase Parent 14/03/14 13/03/18 All committees None
Jack Tweed Authority 09/11/16 08/11/20 All committees None
Frank Knowles Co-opted 31/03/16 30/02/20 Chair/All committees None
John Tattersfield Foundation  13/06/16 12/06/20 All Committees None
Jennifer Thomas Parent 14/10/16 13/10/20 All Committees None


Governor Training 2016 - 17


Governor Training relevant to the role of Governor undertaken in 2016 - 17 
Frank Knowles

R.E Curriculum and promoting British Values.

Understanding finance for governors.

Jennifer Thomas Governor induction training.
Karen Hollingworth

A.S.D and A.D.H.D online training course.

R.E curriculum and promoting British Values.
Zuri Djan

Governor induction training.

Completed Higher Education Academy fellowship.
Jack Tweed All training run by school.
Sarah Lee Training around safeguarding: Prevent, FGM, Forced marriage and honour base violence, Cyber-bulling and online safety, CSE and sexting; Data Protection and Protecting People’s Information; Transgender Awareness; Tackling HBT bullying; Equality and Diversity; Deaf Awareness; Learning Disability Awareness; Awareness of autism; Ann Frank Trust training.
Carol Purchase Appraisal training.
Belinda Clark

New S.E.N.D policy training from L.A

R.E curriculum and promoting British Values.

E-safety and Cyber-bullying.

FGM training

Safer recruitment online training.

Head teachers briefings run by L.A

Understanding Finance for Governors 

Rebecca Hyder Attended courses/training on SEND, safeguarding, the new curriculum and assessment as part of own teaching role.