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Class Prayers

Dear God, 

Thank you for all the animals and living things in world,

but I am sorry for the ones that have had died in the past. 

Please Lord save the animals that are at risk of being extinct in the world.



Written by Phoebe 


Dear God' 

Thank you for the many different and wonderful foods,

fruits, vegetables and drinks that you have provided us

with and please may you help the unfortunate people, 

who don't have a lot of food, become as healthy, well

fed and fortunate as the fortunate people,



Written by Gabriel


Dear God,

Thank you God for all the clean water you provide 

us to drink every day. Please can you help the people 

that do not have clean water to drink,



Written by Finley 

Dear God,

I would like to thank you for all of our education 

and all of our learning time. But I would like to 

ask for education in different countries because 

they don't have an education.



Written by Robyn